Saturday, 5 March 2016

Postcards from the journey home to 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'

Been away awhile.
That's what divorce does to you.
Well, that's part of it.
When I wrote here before, my bio said,"I love boats, bikes, rockin' out with my band and roughin' it. I'm also sweet on my wife and kids and 'the land of the long white cloud'. Actually, I decided to leave it there. Maybe they can put it on my headstone. I know this much... whatever has happened in the last two years, seriously, however bad a train smash that was.... I still mean it.
Now, there's no boats, band, wife or kids, and if I thought I was stranded here in the UK before, that's still the same frickin' case! IRONIC... Well, I'm just about, I think, still in the hearts and minds of our children but, at times, that seems tenuous. Just the same with the bike... nearly sold it three times... rent has to be paid, right?
Roughin' it? That's easy.

Tonight, I'm going to sit still with a glass of fine whiskey.

This blog is alive again. I'm alive again. Single and single-minded.

From my new base in Blighty, On The Edge. Far West Wales, in Pembrokeshire. I'm going to tell a world how it's going for this single human being, as I journey home to The Land of the Long White Cloud.